Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Grumpies

Eh. It's been awhile again. It's how I roll. I prefer to keep you on your toes; anticipating the next great installment of, well, nothing much.

It's the Monday after Christmas and I'm in a funk. Not feeling it today. Easily irritated. Moody. I know, I know. This is different from every other day how? I'm too crotchety to even be sarcastic.

(OK, the use of the word "crotchety" cheered me up a bit...)

Due to my mood, I felt I would misdirect some pent up whatever it is I'm feeling at a very deserving person.

Specifically: Lil Wayne.

I mean seriously? What is this world coming too? EIGHT! grammy nominations.

Yes, I realize they announced this awhile ago, and honestly, as far as I know, the grammy's may have already taken place. I don't know nor do I care. I wont watch them. I don't want to see Britney perform (I'm assuming she is) or see Coldplay do anything but fall off the stage and die. (That's another one! Did you see how many damn nominations they got??)

Didn't the grammy's use to mean something? Didn't music? Talent? Oh yah, it's all gone the way of MTV and reality TV.

Please don't get me wrong. Lil Wayne has an entertainment value. His music is catch-ily perverse. I know I've enjoyed singing along to songs of blowjobs and/or candy, sex with cops, being rich, drugs, you know, all the good stuff. But is this guy good enough for awards?

As someone who puts out a new song/collaboration/remix/do-over every week, I'd say if anything, he's a genius. In doing my research for this blog (yes, yes I did), I discovered that he was in the gifted program at school, in drama, and even performed as the Tin Man in a production of The Wiz at the age of 12. He also dropped out of school at the age of 14. He is 26 now and disgustingly rich. Yah, I'm jealous.

And have you seen him "play" guitar? I used the bunny ears because from what I can tell, he sucks. Something feirce. I give him credit for trying. E for effort and all that. But give it up already. Can't you just accept your milions for your mediocre music and the fame associated with being possibly one of the weirdest looking/sounding/acting freaks ever to top Billboards Top 10?

Seriously. Have you seen this guy? Because I am so kind, I found a picture for you. I know, I'm awesome.Total stud, right? The picture sends chills down my spine. And not the good kind like that saucey waiter at the sushi place last night. Yeow. But the icky, lock you children in the closets, read the bible like hurry, someone sterilize his mother type.

Well, I feel a little better and it's about time to head out for lunch. And I probably should attempt to get some work done today. Eh.

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