Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tid Bits

Not much to mention as of late. Only 2 things really.

First, Sunday was Avoid Laundry and Watch Movies All Day day. The boys and I were cuddled watching Gone With the Wind (yes, I know) and it was just at the part "I don't know nothing bout birthin' no babies!" Which I, of course, proclaimed as dramatically as possible. Aidan looks at me and ask in his ever quizzical, anything to do with babies, creativeness, "Mommy, does everyone like babies?"

And mommy replies...

"Of course. They taste delicious."

Oh my poor child.

And a few minutes ago I'm walking through the lobby coming in from a smoke break and inform the lady filling in for the receptionist while she's at lunch that "I would like to expel my uterus from my body."

Her response...


I still have tears in my eyes from that.