Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm Your Ex, Not Your BFF

I will start today with a little History lesson to introduce the main characters in today's story. Most of you know all the characters but at the rare chance some stranger is reading this, I would not want them to be lost.

Erin and Tony were together around 7 years. They had two wonderful children during this time together. Erin and Tony could not get along. Erin and Tony ended their relationship just over 6 months ago. Now while the Erin and Tony relationship is still far from amicable 100% of the time, they are actually getting along far better than predicted by either party.

All this being said, there is still a lot of history there. While I believe at this point no party wishes to reconcile (or realizes it is in no ones best interest to do so), there are certain boundaries that should be kept. Specifically, that Erin and Tony are still recent ex's and are not BFF's.

So this past Saturday, at Aidan's soccer game, it comes to light that Tony is seeing a girl named Ashley. Erin informs Tony that if it is going to be serious between them and Ashley will be spending time with her children, that WHEN it gets serious, she would appreciate it if she could meet Ashley.

(Please excuse me at this point. I am confusing myself with all the third-person-ness and am switching to first.)

Ehh, where was I? Ok, so what I envisioned in my head when telling Tony at some point I would like to meet Ashley (or to this matter, any person spending a lot of time with my kids), that was at some point, down the road, we would arrange a meeting on neutral ground. They have only been dating a few weeks, after all.

Tony interpreted this to mean he should bring his new girlfriend over to my house on Sunday without warning me when he brought the boys home. I'm not easily taken aback, but her lurking in the dark waiting for him to tell me she was with him, well, that was a little freaky. I honestly could not help jumping back a little.

Don't get me wrong. She seems very nice. I almost respect her bravery. She had no idea what she was walking into and I can only imagine all the wonderful things Tony had to say about me (this is sarcasm). If I were her, I would be mad at Tony. You don't spring your new girlfriend on your ex without warning your ex. That really wasn't fair to her (or me, really). This is Tony we are talking about though.

The good part about him bringing her, they left in 5 minutes instead of the usual hour Tony hangs out.

In all, I found the whole situation weird.


Erin said...

Honestly, that was probably the esiest way for it to happen...kinda like ripping the band-aid off quickly instead of dragging it out. Greg and I each met eachother's sig. others whilst exchanging Hunter, and it was never planned out in advance...it takes all the pressure off the situation. Have you googled her yet? I always googled Greg's lady friends :)

Erin said...

He's on #3 (that I know of). I'll wait until she's around a little longer before I worry about googling and bonding and all that.

ssaholly said...

You could be Paris's BFF...

cece said...

It could have been worse, it could have been Christmas Day or some other major family holiday that she just happened to join in on- at least this way it didn't linger!